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Nov 22

Joe Pascone from the Turning Tides History Podcast joins us to delve into the gripping story of the Attica prison riots and their lasting impact on the landscape of prison reform. Unravel the layers of this historic event as we explore its catalysts, the unfolding of events, and its reverberating ef...Read more

Nov 20

Repairs for the aftermath of the Third Great Flood of 2023 are now almost 50% complete. I can finally put away my collection of books!

Nov 17

Today we are revisiting one of the earliest and most influential heresies faced by the early Church, Arianism. Do you think Arianism could have won the day or possibly heavily influenced early Christian theology? What would have changed because of that?

Nov 15

Today we have a brief episode on an interesting perspective on Donnie Brasco from the perspective of a 20 police veteran and former police leader, Frank Scalise. Did Donnie’s leadership in the FBI manage his uncover work correctly? What could have Donnie’s leadership done better in the aftermath of ...Read more

Nov 10

In this episode of the History of the Papacy podcast, we dive into the fascinating history of Christianity in Gaza and the life of St. Porphyrius. Join us as we explore this lesser-known chapter of Christian history. #gaza #palestine #israel #jerusalem #porphyrius #porphyriuschurch